How to show one module to one user group and other to others

i have created 2 roles and 1 is for sales and 2nd is for support
now i customized 2 modules 1 is sales and 2nd is support
but sales user are able to see support module and vice versa
how would i show only 1 module to dedicated roles/users and hide others which are irrelevant from them and show them to relevant users

roles won’t do the job, you need to use securitygroups too.

  1. create securitygroups as needed (“Support”/“Sales”)
  2. create roles and relate them accordingly to your securitygroups. the roles should use “group” as limitation.
  3. relate a record to one/both of your groups. If you set up the roles correctly, users of group “Sales” can only view those records that have a relation to the Sales-Group (and vice versa).

best idea is to have a look here first:

Thank you for your prompt reply, however i created security group of sales and role as sales team, i assigned sales team role to sales group, however sales agent can see the sales team at the top menu and shipping module at the top, i have attached the screen shot of a sales team member and you can see that there shipping module is also visible.

Ah sorry, its about hiding a module for a specific group. In this case, create a role (e.g. “deny_contacts”), add it to the securitygroup that contains the respective users and set the very first column (“access”) to “disabled”.
As long as there is no other role/group that allows the user to access the module, the menu entry shouldn’t be displayed anymore.