How to show office phone from contact module in the list view of the calls module

Hi, can you Please me with this. I want to show the office phone field from the contacts module in list view of the calls module.

Is this possible? if yes. please give a solution.

Try filter option on the Calls module.

Hi, this is not a solution. I want the phone numbers to show up in the list view of calls module is that possible? if yes. please give me steps on how to do it.

This should help you:

Hi the above you mentioned is not my issue.

I want this.

I want the office phone from contacts to show up in calls listview.

Is there way we can do that.

Why do you want to display office contact in the list view of calls module?

My requirement is to call the contacts from the calls module so I want the phone field here.

in that case, chris001 reply is what you’re looking for, its about adding a field of a related module (contacts->phone) to another modules listview (in your case: calls list view).
E: I wouldnt actually copy the fields value, I would rather try to embed the field with queries: Need help showing related fields in listview - #11 by robert_sinclair

You can probably do a process record hook in listview to calculate what the phone number is for a non db field. However, the logic here is wrong. A call is a task. And it managed as such. The call is related to one or more contacts who may have different contact numbers. So for example if two people where in the call with different phone numbers, who’s would you populate? The phone number is correctly related to the contact, not the call.

If possible can you please help me with the code. it will be easy for others also.

Hey @shishir188 I don’t have code for that exact solution handy, but in general you would:

  1. create non db field (I think there is a switch to allow it to be used in listview)
  2. Use a process record hook to populate the non db field in listview.

Your hook will have to load up the contact relationship to the call then extract the phone number from the related contact, then populate the non-db field you created. Since there could be more than one, you could possibly take the first one, or loop through the contacts and select one on some basis.

I think that’s how I would go about this.

HI @pstevens I am trying to achieve it but I have no idea where to start.

Can someone provide a structure so we just have to change the fields and it will work?

@shishir188 you’re probably going to want to hire a developer for this task.