how to show image into module edit view


I have created ‘after_save’ logical hook and saved google street view image path into database table. Here I am working on to show stored street view image in the module edit view instead of image url. So let me know which field I have to use and how to show direct image in module edit view.

Thank You.

Yes I show image into module edit view.

For this first we have added iframe field type for image and added custom views folder to my custom custom/modules/modulename/views

Then we have added view.edit.php and view.detail.php files into that directory. In this I have only added display method.

After that I updated metadata directory files here I updated detailviewdefs.php and detailviewdefs.php files in this I added below customCode for my custom field

array (
‘name’ => ‘contact_photo_c’,
‘label’ => ‘LBL_PHOTO_IFRAME’,
‘customCode’ => ‘{if $fields.contact_photo_c.value != “”}{else}{/if}’,

After adding this then I found shown image in module edit and detail view is working fine.