How to Setup AOP with SAML

Our SuiteCRM instance is configured to use SAML to authenticate with a 3rd party identity provider (IDP). The user I configured in the Joomla AOP settings is an administrative user that does not exist in our IDP. When I log into Joomla and click on the menu item for the Open Portal Home Page, I get the following error:

“Error: 0 Failed to connect to sugar. Please check your settings.”

Is there a specific link to configure in the Joomla AOP URL that will not use SAML authentication? Or is this failing for some other reason?

Thanks in advance,

Louis Winter

Disregard, it wasn’t an issue with SAML after all. The test server has a self signed cert which was causing the connection issue. The Joomla plug in is now able to connect to SuiteCRM via REST (which doesn’t use SAML anyway).

you can find a setup guide for the same here. I have got a solution after following this guide.