How to Set Outlook Email reminder for Activities (Meeting or Calls)


I am creating a meeting activity under an Account. So when I choose Add reminder, and under Actions, I choose Email Invitees : (15 mins or 30 mins prior), we are not getting that email reminder.
We can see only popups, but it’s difficult for Sales team to open SuiteCRM when they are in market.

However when we click on “Save and Send Invites”, we do receive email with an attached Calendar Invite, but it shows the timing only, not the recipient’s list, so its like 2 separate processes, first we have to set reminder in SuiteCRM, and then on Outlook.

Hey there

Have you found a solution for this?

The CRM should be sending out the Reminder Emails automatically, but may not if there are some set-up issues

Do you have Crontab running against the instance?

The CRM will need this to run the Email Reminder scheduled Job

You can check by navigating to Admin->Schedulers->Run Email Reminder Notifications
Does it appear to be running?

(ie, the “Last Successful Run” time is updating and the “Job Log” is updating)

If so, can you check the SuiteCRM error log and PHP error log?
Does anything email-related appear at the times when the reminder emails should have been sent?