How to set module search to support wildcard automatically

When create a contract, we can search the related info such as account and contact.
Refer to the screenshot below:

When trying to search the account or contact, it only supports wildcard after the string, for example:
Account 1: Bryan Test
Account 2: Test Bryan
Account 3: Test Bryan again

When input Bryan in account module, only account 1 will be occurred.

Any way that it also can search account 2 and account 3 that modul search input area?

Another additiona quesiton is is there any way to also search account’s other fields?

Thanks very much.

I don’t know, but…

Try using a * , or a % before the string

But I don’t think it will work.

That search system is Javascript-based and it’s called “sqs”. This information might help you find some forum threads with similar questions

Thanks, and yeah, use % could be a workaround way, while I just want it can similar as global search.

On the other hand, if it also can search other fields at the same time would be great.

Such as I can input an email address there to search the contact automatically.

Everything in customizable in a fully open-source app like SuiteCRM…

But to customize SQS you need to know PHP and Javascript, it’s not for newbies.