How to set a workflow to send email reminder before 2 hours of a call scheduled time


I want to setup a workflow which will send email reminder on my email address before 2 hours of start time of any call.

I have tried with below settings at my end but it is not working :

WorkFlow Module: Calls
Status: Active
Repeated Runs: Uncheck
Run On: All Records

Module Field Operator Type Value
1 Calls Call Start Time Greater Than or Equal To Date Now + 2 Hours
2 Calls Call Start Time Less Than or Equal To Date Now + 3 Hours

Call Start Time is a custom field which is containing the call start date and time.

Please help.

Thanks in advance.


You can use the reminder feature in SuiteCRM, so you can choose the Email invitees 2 hours prior. You will recieve an email 2 hours before your call starts.

Before I knewed this feature I also created a workflow like this:

Calls Reminder Time Equal To Value 2 hours prior.

Send E-Mail to User (your Account)
and might an email template - You can add an new email template in your mail-module