How to send Two Factor Authentication code to multiple emails of 1 user

Hi there,

I’ve been getting really good help from this form! Thank you, everyone.

I have a situation again, I have a user with 2 emails one is his email and another is his email to text.

Two Factor Authentication is activated but CRM only sends the code to the Primary email of the user.

What I need is that for only Two Factor Authentication SuiteCRM should be able to send email to both email accounts of the user.

I think it can only be done by code. Can anyone please help me this is urgent.

Thank you

From a quick search I’d say it might be here

also check other files in that directory. Good luck.

I’m not good with development. I was unable to understand that Github data. Can you please make it easy or let me know steps to follow.

Thank you

Sorry, this requires a developer, so if you aren’t one, you need to get help.

I can’t go into this level of detail customizing things for people, otherwise I would leave tons of things unanswered…