How to send notify or show notify when contract is about to expire


I signed contract with my Customer
One year from the date of signing, I want SuiteCRM notify to Sales Director and Sales Staff for re-signing with Customer. How to do that ?


I can think of two easy things that you can do out of the box without any coding:

  1. Report
    You can use the Reports module to create a report of all contracts about to expire in the next X days.
    Once you have this report you can convert it into a dashlet and display this dashlet on the home page of who needs to see this information.

  2. Workflow
    You can use the Workflow module to send a notification email to who you want for each contract that is about to expire

Condition for both solutions:
You need to have a field with the expiration date. This field must be properly updated.
In case this field does not exist you may create it from Admin->Studio and then fill its value for each contract.

Other two solutions (but these require coding):

  1. Logic Hook or Sheduler
    You can write a Custom Logic Hook or a Custom Scheduler to achieve your objective. However these two options require a deeper knowledge of how SuiteCRm is programmed as well as programming skills, On the other hand, these solutions give you a lot more flexibility and the possibility to do more things.

How to do it?
If you search the forum orusing Google you will find plenty of examples for all 4 possible solutions. Then ask here for support once you have at least started.

Whatever you decide to do, if you post here your final working solution is a always welcome so that others can benefit from your experience. :wink:

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Thank so much, i will try 1 and 2

Can you done this 1 & 2 both. Is it working in your system, Actually i have also some contract list that has expiration date and i want a notification in notification bar when it expired before 2 month.

please help me.

Vishal Raj