How to Send email to Security Group Assignee(Group Manager) in Workflow?

Hi all,

My workflow: Any change/create with accout will send email to Security Group Assignee(Group Manager)

Now I only have solution: Setup action with group 1 and setup condition send email to group 1

But I have more 50 group and may be increase, I must create 50+ workflow…

Have option to send email to Security group with auto recognize account group? don’t need choose exactly group

I suggest doing it with two Workflows:

First, create a custom field in the Account to hold an email address.

  • one Workflow merely prepares the email address so it is ready, in the Accounts record (not in a related record). So, whenever the security group changes, you copy the email address into that new custom field.

  • the second workflow sends the email whenever any field is changed in the account.

I’m not sure this scheme can work, it’s just an idea I had, you will have to try it.

Thanks your help. I understood your idea.

But this scheme can not work.

Your first workflow will have same my issue. It can not auto recognize account’s group then there isn’t action to set custom email equal Group assignee email.

You are right, I think you will need a simple PHP Logic Hook to traverse those records and get the information you need from Beans.