How to send alert about Leads without user intervention?


I need to develop a cron thar will alert(e-mail) the management about Leads without intervention of the user assigned to that Lead.

For example:

  • A Lead is with state “Assigned” for about two days without changing. Send alert.
  • A Lead is with state “Dead” but does not have a Status Description. Send alert.

I’m thinking to use a CronJob to query for this one time a day.

What is my best option to achive this?

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A cron job could certainly do this. The “SuiteCRM” way to do this would be to add a Scheduled Task.

However the workflow module inside SuiteCRM would allow you to create these two actions fairly easily.

You would simply add conditions for “State” and “Modified Date” for the first and “State” and “Status” for the second.

More complicated logic may require creating a Scheduled Task.

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