How to send a mass email to a specific group using a campaign and have CRM track email activity

How would I go about sending one email to a specific list of contacts using a campaign? Also, how would I make sure that CRM records email activity between the contact and myself on the account history?

Hi there,

You can utilise the Campaign module to send an email to a list of specific contacts(targets in SuiteCRM). There are many user guides explaining how to utilise Campaigns/Targets/Target Lists.

All Campaign information is recorded within the Campaign ROI in the Campaign record.

To view campaign history for an Account, there is a Campaign sub-panel on the Account detail view which allows you to view all related Campaigns.



I am trying to send a campaign to targets selected from a custom module.

I followed the following instructions:

But there is something either wrong or missing (I beleieve I need to set up a M-2-M relationship between the custom module and Emails and Campaigns and possibly correct some errors in the explanation.

Any ideas?