How to search by ID?

I would like to search by the id value that suitecrm generates. For example, when creating a new Account, a random “id” string is generated for the accounts table “id” field. If I have that ID, is there a way to make it possible to search by it to find that particular account?

I don’t know if this will help, but instead of searching, you can just build the URL and access the record directly.

If you go in Accounts detail view, you will see something like this:

or the version without AJAX which is basically the same, but easier to read:

If you put any “id” in that “record” parameter (after the “%3D” which represents the equal sign in the AJAX URL), you will be taken directly to the record.

If what you really need is a non-technical version of this (for end users), the normal way would be to go in Studio, under Accounts/Fields, and set the id field as “searchable”. But since the “id” field seems to be omitted form there, you can try doing it via the vardefs, something like this might help you: