How to schedule reports? Cannot find the option 'schedule report'.

I have created a report. I have setup my email and tested it. I have activated the scheduler “Run Report Generation Scheduled Tasks” and I have read documentation and all the time I should be able to find a menu option ‘schedule report’ but I cannot find it anywhere.

Can someone please tell me what I am forgetting to get this option?


It’s a module, it should show in “All” menu on top.

If you can’t find it, make sure your user is an admin and try again.

Also check in Admin / Display modules and subpanels if it’s not hidden.

Hi pgr, thank you!

The module was hidden indeed. Now it’s in the menu system and I just configured my first scheduled report.


Now when I hit the ‘save’ button after configuring the scheduled report panel, SuiteCRM gives me a nice (completely full) screen with text. It’s all kind of information like you see in a programmers tool (but it’s not php but some kind of scripting).

And after waiting for some time the scheduling of the report is not functioning.

I want to attached a screenshot but cannot?

Now what can I do?

Try removing from ajax

Hi Karma, how can I do this? Where can I turn the switch off?


Attach screenshots here

Check your logs for FATAL errors.

Oh, and what is your version of SuiteCRM?

I have been looking at how to share an image hier…

I’m working with Version 7.9.4
Sugar Version 6.5.24 (Build 509)

I completely cleared the log and after trying agian the log does not have any entries…

Restart your web server and keep looking at the logs, you really should have something there…

Also check your Brwoser’s Developer Console for javascript errors.

You’re running a very old version, if you update to the latest 7.9.17 you’ll get a ton of bug fixes, perhaps this one included… make sure you get a good backup before upgrading, as always.

Thank you PGR,

I will try to upgrade first, I do this with installatron so I have to leave this easy way then as this tool says that version 7.9.4 is the latest ;-).

After that I try and if the problems still persist I try to look at errors. I’m not much of a developer so hope I can see that. Then reboot the webserver and look at the logs.