How to schedule call in suiteCRM

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I want to use call module for Sales Team but i was not able to schedule calls i am confused how to use it. Can anyone guide please

Thank you

Can you explain much more detailed what you’re trying to do?

Hello sir
Thank you for your response.
I was not able to select time for call how can i do that ? Means there is one option some bar type how can i select time from that ?

Are we talking about creating calls with the regular EditView? Workflows? Hooks?
Can you provide some screenshots of what’s missing?

Yes i want to create calls from regular EditView.

strange, these fields should be available by default:

Can you see those fields in the studio (Calls -> Layouts -> EditView)? Should be labeled “Start Date & Time”.

Ok and what is the use of below image that scheduling part

If you add users to the meeting/call, it gets added to their calender.
If you add contacts to that item, the object will be shown in the history/activities subpanel of the contact (I believe there is an option to send invitations as well via mail).

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Ok i think this is better and can do now. Thanks @crmspace