How to schedule a email to send automatically in suitecrm using workflow

Hi ,
I am working on SuiteCRM ,It is very nice one and mostly I am using Case module ,when we create case I have to send mali (This part has done by using workflow module I am able to send mail when I create Case Module).
Here I got one challage like if I create one Case like status is “Open” and priority is “High” mail is going for this i have created workflow and it is working fine .So after 120 min same Case is status be like “Open” and priority be like “High” I should send one more mail .
How can I do this ,can any one help please ?


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I am not sure it can be achieved by Workflow, But You may need to create a script to identify the time and status and also need to create a custom scheduler to execute script to identify the time elapsed to send an email.