How to save taxes with products or apply to group of products

hi folks,
I am a huge suitecrm advocate and user now so thanks to all of you who made this possible.
I have decided implement it for our startup company and have had good success getting the quotes and everything setup. HOWEVER, I’ve been pulling my hair out on what should be something very simple. I’ve been using this documentation to learn and build. Here is what I want to do:
-create a product
-flag the product as ‘taxable’
-apply the appropriate tax percentage to it
-save it.

Then when I create a new quote and add that line item, the tax will automatically be there.
Right now I have to manually apply the tax to every product and i forsee that being a huge area of errors when staff start doing it…

I feel like I’m just missing the documentation that explains how to do this. Any help would be amazing! Thanks guys.


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