How to run local windows application from suite

Every user in the organization have a local installation of DataLab Pantheon ERP.
I want to add a custom button in Quotes module that would open up this application.
How? Can you share some code where you run a local file from suite?

This is not a SuiteCRM question, really, it’s generic.

Google for how to open a local app from a browser link. Once you have that working, all you need to do is to get that link to show in SuiteCRM, which should be easy to achieve.

Links inside the browser can’t really open local apps, but they can open files, and if you get Windows to recognize that file extension and use your app, it should work.

Yes. Thank you. You are right. It needs to be done as a link to local file. Also I am aware that it is a bad idea and potential security issue to do something like that.
How ever if anyone ever ask a question like this, here is the possible solution (ActiveX only with IE):
Launch the executable

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