how to restrict user from viewing other user's records


I’m using suitecrm 7.

We can restrict user from being create records, edit records and delete records using role management in user administration.

but my question is can we restrict one user from viewing/see other users created records.

i created one project in the project module but other users also seeing that created project, i didn’t assigned him as project manager or resource but also he can see that project.

Can we prevent others from viewing our records…?

If you create a security role and change the view, list create column(s) - you can restrict access to records. If you set the column(s) to user, this will only let the user that is assigned to a record to do the specified action (depending on the column you set.

So you then assigned that security role to groups you what this to apply to. Typically, you would apply this to a group that every user is in. The have a security role for manager(s) with the actions set to group. It depends on what you wish users to share.

if you are trying to apply this to just one project. You could create a security group just for that project. Add only those who you wish to have access to the project. Go into the project. Add your new security group and remove all the other security groups .

You can then associate your new security role with this group.