How to rescue more than one value from a popup window to use it in the main form

Hi everyone. I have a question if possible
rescue more than one value from a popup to use in the main form, both for creation and quick creation.

PHP: 5.6.36
Windows Server 2012 R2
Version 7.10.5
Sugar version: 6.5.25

You mean in the call back from the popup ? Can you share any reference/screenshot what you are looking for specifically?

Hello cherub, thanks for asking.
My query is that when you have a relationship type field in a form, both in the Creation form and in the quick creation form. In this case, I have to upload a contact and at the same time I have to link it to an account.

So, when selecting an account, a pop-up window is displayed, a new sale opens in which I can filter the accounts that I have registered in the accounts module,

I select the corresponding account by filtering it, when I have already selected the account, the window closes (popup window) and the name of the account selected in the popup window is already inserted in the account field of the main form (Contact) and, at its Once, the identifier of the same “id” appears, so I ask if it is possible to bring, in addition to those data, to be able to bring from the account itself not only for this case, other data to complete the fields that require information from that countryside.

It is to bring other data through the same popup and be able to complete them in the corresponding fields in addition to the relation type field.

I found a possible solution:

The only drawback I have is that it only works for the ‘Edit view’ view and I need it also for the ‘Quick Create Def’ view and other things that I am trying to discover if it is also possible to contribute values ​​from the _cstm table, because I think that only bring the main