How to repair Theme

Hello, all.

Please guide me, how i can repair theme Suite 7 (7.7.4). I mean what files outside /themes/Suite7 folder i need copy from clean source to repair theme.
I dont know what i did wrong, :oops: but i can`t now add page on main page. Page have some java error - firefox say.


What does the java error say? Could you post it here, it may be something that someone has encountered before.

I suppose if you wanted to totally restore a theme to basics, you could just copy the /themes/Suite7/ folder from a clean install, and paste it into your current SuiteCRM install, to overwrite the existing /themes/Suite7/ folder.

Though, I haven’t done this myself so i’m unsure as to how suitable it would be, so I would recommend taking a backup of your CRM before doing so, to make sure you can revert if anything goes awry.

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