How to remove Google Calendar sync?

Hello, I just wanted to know how to delete all the saved tokens in order to revert the changes we made.

This guide clearly explains how to add Google sync and use it, but I couldn’t find online any doc that would explain how do we cancel it.
For example, we need to use another Google Cloud token, but reuploading and reauthorizing it raises the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED.
Maybe, it would be more stable if this was a clear authorization, not a “re”-authorization.

Thank you in advance and have a good day.

P.S.: We use SuiteCRM 7.14.2

I’ve found some info myself…

Default value (empty string) is stored in config.php under the name 'google_auth_json'.
Configured Google Cloud token is stored in config_override.php under the name $sugar_config['google_auth_json'].

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Nice detective work! :man_detective:

And by removing those values there, were you able to achieve what you wanted?

I will see further about SQL table I just found, and then we will see if it’s going to fix the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED.

Wait, the error with ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED was caused by the new URL of our CRM instance the whole time, and I didn’t update it in the Google Cloud URI redirection parameter. :expressionless:
Changing it to a correct value and reauthorizing it worked flawlessly.
The only thing which interests us now is the name of the created Google Calendar. We would like to rename it from “SuiteCRM”. That’s another issue.

But still, info about deleting the $sugar_config['google_auth_json'] line from config_override.php in order to disable Google Calendar Sync completely might be useful in a doc. Also user could reset their personal settings to remove Google auth, but it seems to be excessive.

Ouro docs are editable by anyone, if you want you can add that.