How to remove duplicate entries in new email 'FROM' dropdown list?


  • Initially, Admin created an outbound email account for a user.
  • After upgrade to 7.13.3, the user created their own outbound email account
  • Since there were the same two outbound accounts, Admin deleted the previous outbound email account
  • Now, when the user composes new email from the email module, BOTH (two) outbound email show up in the FROM drop down. The deleted one that the Admin had created (then deleted) as well as the one the user created.

Tried deleting the suitecrm cache folder and browser session. No luck.

This document says “it now shows the list of all Outbound Email Accounts the user has access to” Compose Email 'From' Dropdown Behaviour :: SuiteCRM Documentation.
So, I am assuming that the outbound records are kept somewhere else (permission/policy table?) and does not get cleared when the outbound account is deleted (bug?).

How can I remove the duplicate entry? Is there any database table record/file cache folder that needs to be deleted?

I would start by looking at the outbound_emails table in the DB.

If there are lines there with “deleted=1”, they should not be appearing anywhere in the UI, but you can try completely removing them to see if that is the bug.

Another thing that causes duplicates are poorly designed JOINS between tables. This sometimes occurs when the developer writing the SQL assumed something was unique (and maybe it was, at the time) and now it’s not. So you can also examine the relationship tables between the accounts and the users, for example, or other things that you find in the DB along those lines.

I checked the outbound_emails and there are not “deleted=1”.

As an end user (not a developer), I am not sure what I am supposed to do with the second part of the response. Is messing around with the database the usual suitecrm resolution?

Sorry, I read

and I thought you wanted pointers for what you could look for in the database. But it does require some technical knowledge that is not for end-users.

So, I’m sorry, I can’t provide much more help then.

I do have basic systems’ knowledge, but I have no idea what the SuiteCRM database design or architecture is. I am sure you will agree that it will not be a good idea to willy-nilly delete records from database directly.

Anyway, with the amount of trouble I keep having with SuiteCRM, and it’s sad quality, I am so close to abandoning it completely and moving to a commercial offering like SalesForce or MS Dynamics.

This product has been around 10+ years, and it cannot even get basic functionality like email right.