How to recover data from saved MySql database?

My server died after 8 years of service :frowning: . The SSD hard drive and data is intact, so nothing lost yet. However, the SSD is a PATA SSD and my new server uses a SATA interface, so I only access the old disk via an USB adaptor. Hence, can not boot from the old drive but can see everything on it. The MySQL database is there with all my data.

How do I import the data from the old mysql database into a newly installed SuiteCRM setup? I think my old SuiteCRM version was 7.4.x, and the new installation is the latest 7.7.x

Help appreciated!


First you must install your old version 7.4.x on your new server, then recover and restore your old datebase and then upgrade to 7.7.xโ€ฆ
I think this is best way. Also i donโ€™t know much about recovering etc.
Please tell us what was your old operating system.

Thanks for replying.
Old server vas Centos 5.10
New server is Ubuntu 16.04

How do I recover and restore from a MySQL database.


I donโ€™t have that much experience in recovering and restoreing Mysql dbs.
Someone with better knowledge in this section could answer this.

you need to setup the old SuiteCRM version and after that you just upgrade it, you canโ€™t drop an old database in new version just like that

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Thanks for all the help! Here is how I did it.

  1. Installed the latest SuiteCRM on my home server
  2. Imported the backup sql file to the database generated by the new install
  3. Tested that all worked, and exported the database to an sql file
  4. Zipped the SuiteCRM directory and uploaded it to my webhotel
  5. Unzipped the zipfile
  6. Uploaded the exported sql file and imported it into the webhost database
  7. Corrected db and url in config.php.