How to read inbound emails from a personal email box

Hi Team,@pgr

We have a requirement as below, we send clients few notifications via an email lets, if client doesnt respond to any of the notifications we send within 21 days… we send an email again to client saying that the client is unresponsive.

Inorder to know if the client has replied or not , we will need to read the emails send to that mail ie, we already configured this as a personal email at crm.

I have checked all the tables in suitecrm database , such as emails , emails_text, emails_cache etc, I dont find these details are storing anywhere.

Can anyone here guide me on how to read the inbound emails sent to an personal email configured in crm.

Thanks for your time.


That kind of automatism is normally done with so-called “group” accounts (Admin / Inbound Email settings).

The emails don’t exist in SuiteCRM database until they are imported - even if you see them on screen, they might be only stored on your email server. After import, they are also in SuiteCRM database.

I hope this helps

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Hi @pgr,

We have configured as group email account , and checked the box to import emails automatically.

But still the emails are not being imported automatically.

we are using as mail server.

Kindly let me know if its an issue with Suitecrm .


I don’t know… I don’t use Office365.

You can try checking your logs for any relevant messages; and also search GitHub for any similar Issues.

Have a look here:

Hey @pgr,

I have tried to check the logs , and I found below error message in suitecrm log

Inbound Email Connection is not valid resource for getting New Message Ids.

Could you please let me know how do we fix this .


Ahah I posted just a few seconds before you! See that Github issue

Hey @pgr,

Sorry i tried to navigate to the below link,

and i dont find anything recent with respect to inbound emails.

Attaching screenshot as well.

Will be helpful, if you can direct me to that.


sorry @pgr,

Got you.
I have already implemented the solution you mentioned before posting here in the forum. That did not work

Also @pgr, I have enabled debug mode of log, here’s the udpated log

Tue Apr 7 21:41:39 2020 [32532][134d3b99-816a-8d8a-19da-5b29c47653af][FATAL] Inbound Email Connection is not valid resource for getting New Message Ids.
Tue Apr 7 21:41:39 2020 [32532][134d3b99-816a-8d8a-19da-5b29c47653af][ERROR] ImapHandler trying to use a non valid resource stream.
Tue Apr 7 21:41:39 2020 [32532][134d3b99-816a-8d8a-19da-5b29c47653af][WARN] An Imap error detected: “IMAP expunge error”
Tue Apr 7 21:41:39 2020 [32532][134d3b99-816a-8d8a-19da-5b29c47653af][ERROR] ImapHandler trying to use a non valid resource stream.
Tue Apr 7 21:41:39 2020 [32532][134d3b99-816a-8d8a-19da-5b29c47653af][WARN] An Imap error detected: “IMAP close error”
Tue Apr 7 21:41:39 2020 [32532][134d3b99-816a-8d8a-19da-5b29c47653af][DEBUG] Using system default ImapHandler. Hint: Use any ImapHandlerInterface as dependency of InboundEmail
Tue Apr 7 21:41:39 2020 [32532][134d3b99-816a-8d8a-19da-5b29c47653af][DEBUG] ImapHandlerFactory will using a ImapHandler

Great if you can help or suggest

Hi Team / @pgr ,

Could you please guide on the above concern .

Thank you.

Sorry, it’s hard to help without using Office365 myself.

I think al those errors probably boil down to an inability to login to the account in the first place. Then other errors appear, but it’s only because the account is not accessible (this is just a guess).

If you uncomment these lines in the code, you will get additional information in the logs, which I think will be quite helpful for your case:

This will put some more information in your logs to help yo troubleshoot.

Hey @pgr

I have enabled the log, and I have observed few things .

Does import functionality works only if the email is sent via Emails module ? Where I mean if the email is sent using outlook shouldnt it be part of crm as well (ie when enabled auto import functionality for the group emails)?

Could you please clarify? why because i tried to reply to an email from Emails module and it automatically got imported to CRM, but not other emails which are not replied using Emails module (ie replied from outlook).

Kindly guide me .

Thank you.

Sorry, I don’t use these features and I am often confused by them.

I saw this recently

Hey Team/@pgr

I m unable to understand this emails importing functionality after many tests made, Kindly find the screenshot below. It imports few emails and it doesnt import few emails .

Not sure how to track this. sending email from same email id , imports sometimes and doesnt sometimes.

Kindly guide

Thank you.

If it is behaving erracticly you need to try and figure out why, maybe from your logs you can get some more info.

Also if you have great amounts of data, or a slow server, check if it is the execution times that are breaking it. Your logs should have evidence of this. You can turn on log slow queries from Admin / system settings and track query times in the logs.

You can also run the first query in this post from phpMyAdmin and see if you have overgrown tables:

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