How to place company logo in the Suite CRM application?

I placed my company_logo.png file in /themes/defaults/images, /themes/Suite7/images and /include/images.
But still it doesn’t appear consistently across all the tab views in the application.

i have even included the _companyLogo.tpl in header.tpl.

Am i missing something?

Hi Vishal,

Did you change the logo in Admin -> System Settings? Have you performed a Quick Repair & Rebuild in Admin -> Repair? What are the permissions on your SuiteCRM instance?



Hi Will,

i followed the steps you mentioned, but the problem still persists.
Logo shows up when we log in but doesn’t when we change tabs (i.e. when we go from home to leads and vise- verse) and shows up in between for some modules.

is it because of Ajaxui loader?. We checked the page source using firebug, and didn’t find the header div in some of the modules in which logo wasn’t appearing.



Hi Vishal,

The logo does not appear inside the CRM with the current SuiteCRM theme.



Hi Vishal,

I see you noted that you included it in the header.tpl. What are the permissions on your CRM?



Hi Will,

So is there any solution for it?.

Like change theme?.

or change in some css or js?

and regarding the permission. I’m running it on wamp stack. so i have just assigned it read?write access.

Hi Vishal, I’ve noticed a bug in Suite that has been there since Sugar when it comes to changing your logo. If you upload a .jpg or .png and there are spaces in the filename, the logo can’t be changed. If there are no spaces, then it works fine.

Does this help you?

The logo file must not have a space. Uploading a logo with a filename including a space looks like it succeeds (the logo renders on the Admin page) but it does not persist when saving. Instead, we get the inaccurate error message:

In fact, renaming the same file to exclude spaces allows the file to upload and persist normally.

The warning text should be changed.

Hi there,

This isn’t effectively a ‘bug’ as such. It would be advisable to upload files without spaces in the name, as using spaces in file names can cause several issues with a web application and is not following a good naming convention practice/principal.



I take no issue with your point on filenames without spaces. The error message could identify all offending conditions.

The filename or format was not accepted. Choose a JPEG or PNG formatted file with only valid naming characters.


Hi Will,

     Im getting the above error message and I have simply named my logo "logo.jpg". Could you figure out anyother reasons why this wasnt working?


admin/system settings/select logo.
use 170px x 450px .jpg or .png

works for me.

The actual help text is:

The image file format can be either .png or .jpg. The maximum height is 17px, and the maximum width is 450px. Any image uploaded that is larger in any direction will be scaled to these max dimensions. Image file name must not contain a space character.

Maybe we can find a better wording? Proposals here:

I have the exact same problem. I can see the image while editing the system settings because it’s in the cache folder: /crm/cache/images/LOGO_TPG_CRM.png
Once I save it it doesn’t show at all. I tried uploading again the original logo and it doesn’t show either now.

Similarly, the company logo is not loaded. In the name of the file are no spaces, the picture size 10ph * 10 pixels. The error occurs when loading any format (JPEG or PNG).
Note: The picture is the logo of the company has successfully loaded at the site of generation.
All compatibility testing was successfully completed program installation site

Prompt may be required to configure PHP or Apache or …?
p.s. though it is unclear how to explain that to create my site logo is imported, and then not.


I faced the same issue.

I suspect that the problem is in the file: modules\Configurator\UploadFileCheck.php
$returnArray = array();

or somewhere in the function uploadCheck(quotes) file:\modules\Configurator\tpls\adminwizard.tpl

//error in getimagesize because unsupported type
document.getElementById(‘my_file_’ + forQuotes).value=’’;

The file name is short, with no spaces, normally displayed on the screen (screenshot in the previous report), the picture size is small logo.
However, the program performs a default block

I have also had similar issues (with suitecrm 7.6.3). I have tracked the issue to the following code:

$ext !== $path && !isset($supportedExtensions[strtolower($ext)])

found in the following if statement, located in the file ‘utils.php’ (under the suitecrm ‘include’ folder).
the above code always causes the if statement to return false (which stops the image from being saved and displays the error message).

if (substr_count('..', $path) > 0 
           || ($ext !== $path && !isset($supportedExtensions[strtolower($ext)])) 
					 || !in_array($filetype, array_values($supportedExtensions))

    ) {
        return false;

can anyone offer a suitable fix?
what is the recommended way to debug something like this? i.e. how do you view the values of these variables when it is being run?


My solution :

1 - Change the langage to English (default langage).
2 - In Repair, Rebuild the JS files

Same problem to me.

Removed spaces and selected a small logo. When I load the logo, the logo show in the screen, but once I save the changes, no no logo is displayed just a broken image icon.

Maybe can be fixed in a later release.