How to perform semi-automatic upgrades needs reference

I’m having quite a few problems with Suitecrm 7.12.12 > the continuous upgrade from may have caused many features to become victims of the code kernel (Core).

Now I have to update again from 7.12.09 >> 7.12.12 >> 7.14.0 … problems arise from the modules: Email - Templates / Campaigns
they are difficult to operate, and re-editing is difficult or impossible.

If I remember correctly, you can “Completely install version 7.14.0” and then copy the components from version 7.12.12 to the folders in order >> I did this once in about 2018, up to now. I confirm that I forgot the Instruction Topic, as well as how to do it.

I wonder if there is a way to do this with a new installation and copying the data manually? Please let me know if you can - Many Thanks