How to organize this Sales Workflow?

Hello there,

iam new to SuiteCRM and searching for a good approach to setup my B2C sales workflow with the following steps:

  1. I get leads, which are interested in a specific product
  2. I call the leads by phone
  3. lead becomes prospect (no sale) or customer (sale)

I need to see always in which product the person is interested in and i didn’t find a way to do this. The workflow should word also with the import function, where i have many leads interested in one product.

Can you tell me how i can organize this with the given suiteCRM functionality?

in case there is just one product that is of interest, simply create a 1:n relation (leads (1) <-> (n) products). This way, you’ll get a field for each lead to store a single product. This field can be used for filtering and in workflows. When the sale is likely, you can further convert your lead into a contact/account.

i have a range of 5 products, where also upsales for each clients are possible. in your solution, can i …

  1. use a given product catalog to use again and again?
  2. see in the contact data, which products the person has bought?