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How to notify contacts in email about contract due date


I’m starting to going mad, working at least 24 hours without any success…
My main goal is very simple, here is an example.

  1. I have one test user name: Zoltan
  2. Zoltan has a yearly software license
  3. I would like to notify Zoltan in email to renew license X days before expiration

I think the job above is really simple…
So I did the following:

  1. I created a contact regarding to Zoltan
  2. I created a mail template
  3. I created a contRact regarding to Zoltan’s software
  4. I set up the due date:
  5. I setup a workflow:

And NOTHING happens… no email, no any notification about this contract.
Cron just ran fine:
Process aduit for the workflow is empty.

I think I miss a very simple thing… but what did I wrong?

any help or advice please?

thank you!


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Hi @pasziz

First of all, please make sure that you have configured the system outbound email settings correctly. If yours is incorrect then it could be the reason due which email is not sending to the customer.

Here you can see how to set up an outbound email account with all correct fields.

Thank you Bruce!

I’ve setup a new outbound email account but there were no checkbox for “Allow users to use this account for outgoing email” like mentioned here:

Also there is a working system outbound email.

Here is how my outbound email creation page looks like:

Test emails are working well.

But the workflow still not ran… :frowning:
Process audit page still empty.
What is wrong with that workflow?