How to move custom module to new machine with newer ver of SuiteCRM

Is it easy to move all the customed module to another windows computer?
The environment is WAMP
I successfully imported the database (using mysql thru phpmyadmin)
I use the module loader to load the zip file I exported using “Studio/export customization”
I don’t know what to do with the backup application file I exported thru “System/Backups”

I tried to import the following files but custom module did not show up on new machine

The machine I imported from runs 7.4.3, the machine I move to is a fresh install with no data and runs 7.6.3

why don’t you just upgrade your 7.4.3 instance? I would recommend to create your custom module from start and then import the data form older system

best regards

I have over 130 workflow and lot of other modification, it is very time consuming if I do it all over again. And I would love to try to use the back up file to test restore function because I never do restore on Suite before

I think that the backup feature of SuiteCRM is just a folder backup, not with “restore” functionality

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