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How to modify the Views / Templates - is Smarty still the best way?

Hello all -

I have been looking around and note the amazing features that exist with SuiteCRM, but I am curious how I could redesign the widgets (Views) whilst allowing for new flows and the like.

I looked at Smarty (Chapter 1. What is Smarty? | Smarty) but BOY it looks a bit old. Are there newer templating tools we can use? I ask because I want to continue using the capabilities of SuiteCRM, but want a different template design (like Material) without having to rewrite all of the Views and modules.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Welcome to the community!!!

Not sure what exactly you want to achieve, but, SuiteCRM allows you to do a lot of customization from Studio.

Go to Admin->Studio and play around with it. If you want to extend functionality you have Workflow and Logic Hooks. If that is not enough, you can add your custom JavaScript to enhance front end…

@Sanford have you seen SuiteCRM 8.0?