How to modify radio field layout


I created a custom radio field. The selection was in vertical arrangement and I want it horizontally.

Expected Result:

Additional Concern:

  • As you can see, this radio field has been set as required field if you click the save button without selecting any of those choices nothing happened but there is no error will appear such as “Missing Required Field: Customer Classification”.
  • Also I can put a default value on this radio field?
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I was able to figure out ha to achieve my desire layout. At vardefs just remove this code below:

    'separator' => '<br>',

Now my problem is no error message will appear even the field is empty/null.

In which file is that?

@pgr , vardefs of Accounts Module.

Can you please post the full path of the file? I can’t find anything similar to that in my vardefs. I also don’t see how that is even a vardefs setting…

@pgr , I create a vardef at custom\Extension\modules\Accounts\Ext\Vardefs. Actually there is no problem with the radio button that Ive created. Its working fine, but the only issue if it is not chosen means the value of the radio button is null then there should be an error which will indicate that this field/radio button is required.

Check bellow as you can see the Customer Classification is required but no error message.

You can write script:

removeFromValidate('EditView','name'); // form name, field, 
addToValidate('EditView', 'name', 'name', true,'Name' ); // form name, field, field type, on/off validate, label

Change filed name - ‘name’ to your.

tried that one, no luck. hehehehe