How to Modify Detail View Arrange / Hide Subpanels (Cases)

Just wanted to confirm, in the latest CE version (6.5.x) the Studio does not have a function to hide/remove subpanels. It must be done by editing layout_defs.php. Correct?

There’s a warning content is autogenerated so what triggers the autogenerate which would overwrite my modifications?

Finally, I see the definition for the Security Groups subpanel but I also want to remove the Bugs and Projects but don’t see anything referring to those in the /modules/Cases/Ext/Layoutdefs/layoutdefs.ext.php file?

It appears those subpanels are there due to the relationships defined for cases. I may want to utilize the bugs and projects relationship later but for now I have no use and don’t want to display the subpanels. Is there documentation somewhere for how to create a custom detail view? In studio, the Detail View doesn’t show the layout for the subpanels. Plus I can’t see in studio how you move panels to be side by side. With the higher resolution displays used now, the panel tabels are way too wide.

Hi there,

You can simply drag the sub-panels to hidden in Admin -> Display modules and sub-panels if you do not wish to use them.