how to migrate to a new server and update

We have a live SuiteCrm on server/domain A ( Versionen 7.1.1, Sugar Versionen 6.5.16 (Build 1082))
and we want to migrate to server B

How to start?

I installed SuitCRM 7.2.2 and tried import the old (but modified URL) database - but I get this message: ( Sugar CRM 6.5.20 Files May Only Be Used With A Sugar CRM 6.5.20 Database.)

What could be the way?
Do I need to transfer all files from the old installation and then update?

If I search for Update, I only find hints for updating from Sugar to Suite.

I haven’t done this manually before myself, I use Installatron to deploy SuiteCRM as it handles migrations fantastically.

Personally what I would try would be (after backing up your CRM fully of course) updating your existing database to 7.2.2 and attempting the same process, the issue you are running into is most likely because of the updates to SugarCRM that have been included in the newer Suite versions.



I suggest that you first perform a full backup of your original DB and SuiteCRM Intsallation and then work only on a copy of the backup.

Then, probably the easiest way, will be to copy the full installation in the new server and import the original DB in the new server.

Once copied make sure that all permissions are set correctly.

Open config.php (in the main SuiteCRM directory) and edit DB name, address and credentials as well as other server specific information.

Then start the CRM and run a couple of times Quick Repair and Rebuild.

At this point the CRM should be working properly in the new server.

However if you have custom code (for example Website forms that use the webtolead forms you will have to update manually the url address of the new server (some scripts are called from the forms). (this is part of your website though)

Similarly, to make sure that all corrections related to old paths have been made I would search the entire CRM folder files for the old path to make sure everything has been fixed.

Once done you can run the upgrade to the newest version.

I am getting error while coping file as The folder “subpanels” cannot be handled because you do not have permissions to read it. I have already added 777 permission for all folder recursively

Suit crm 7.8.8

php 5.6