how to migrate from sugar 6.5.24 CE to Suite CRM

hello all,

is there any documentation of how to perform a migration of our data from sugar 6.5.24 CE to Suite CRM?

Our sugar CRM has a lot of unneeded fields and maybe also corrupt files(after years of changes by different people in the company). So we would like to keep only the valid data, in a clean installation of Suite.

Any suggestions of how to proceed?

First of all, get a clone of your production system (in a VM, preferably) so you can test the migration thoroughly.

Then, I don’t think you can skip the SugarCRM to SuiteCRM upgrader. There are several required adaptations there. So run that and see how it goes. Once you have a SuiteCRM running, it’s possible to consider that option of migrating just the data to a fresh install, if that really looks necessary.

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thank you pgr for your quick answer.

How can I run the SugarCRM to SuiteCRM upgrader?

instructions here

Upgrade package at the very bottom of this page:

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So by installing this upgrade on Sugar it will convert it to Suite CRM?


That’s what everybody’s been doing lately, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

seems to be the new trend :wink:

thank you pgr!

Just in case the task is not solved yet, my suggestion is to use 3rd party service.

You may map every data field very carefully and choose which information is desired to be on a new platform and which mustn’t be transferred. After that, you will get the possibility to launch free sample import, see previous results, and then transfer SugarCRM to SuiteCRM automatically.

Alternatively, you can order Custom migration. That is, techs will set up requested filters in order to your needs and move the desired information only. To that end, get in touch with Trujay experts for more insights.

As an additional resource, although it doesn’t address this situation specifically, I think it will be useful for people coming into this thread to go and read this blog post:

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