How to mask the number of phone number or any mobile number fields

Hi every one,

I am using suitecrm ,I am loving it ,in account module we have fields like phone number or office number is showing , so is there any way to mask that phone number and email id aslo .

For instance ,phone number ********12 and email like ***********
like this.

which files I need to change ,kindly help on it please.


For that you will need to modify all the views you want the fields to be mask.

For list view take a look into this sample:

Hi, we have a software Global Hide Manager for you. As per user requirements, we develop the plugin.
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HI every one her I have done my Self , After some researh include/Smarty/plugins/function.sugar_phone.php I have changed some code in this file .


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Can you give us the code you use?