How to map the roles and security group and users

We have following scenario:

  1. Super Admin -> Admin
  2. Admin -> Team Leader-> Tel Caller
  3. Admin -> Regional Manger -> Regional Coordinator

Lead flow:

  1. New Lead - need to map one tel caller and one Regional coordinator both and respective Team Leader and Regional Manger as well as Admin and see that lead and actions.
  2. Team Leader and Regional Manager can assign that lead to another tel caller or Regional Coordinator.

Kindly suggest this type mapping exits or not in suiteCRM and if available share the Steps with me.

Also suggest how can we develop this type of issue.


Have you read this article? It’s an excellent introduction to all this:

Yes, I have.

Here my problem is lead should assign to multiple user at time which belongs to any roles and group.

I didn’t get this. Kindly help me for the same.

In the Lead’s detail view, scroll to the bottom, unti lyou see the Security Groups subpanel. Add the record to as many groups as you want, to give access to more people.

You can also “mass assign” security groups to many records at once, to make things quicker.

But as per my requirement , when import the leads in system at that time automatically assign to few lead to 2 to 4 users then can access and do any action on it as like assigned user.

Here we want a automated assigning lead to multiple user when import.
Kindly help me with example or video tutorial.

The concept of “assigned to” works only for a single user.

If you need to have a group of 2 to 4 users working on the same record, you put them in a group, and you add that group to the record. So you do things in a different way, using the Security Settings system which is more flexible (though less practical).

I’m going on vacation now so I can’t help you anymore… sorry and good luck.

Great thanks for your support. Nice discussion

If I want develop the functionality like add a multiple fields in lead table as per roles and when import the leads or create a lead provide the user name/user ID.

Lead should move to respective user bucket with his action permission.

Share the steps how I develop this feature.