How to manually choose the order of Line Items in Quotes & Invoices

Has anyone implemented a way to re-order Products inside a Line Items group? how could this be done?

Currently it seems to re-order your line-items, you need to delete all line-items and re-add them in the desired sequence…

Another option is to edit the sequence directly in database table with field “number”

Thanks. I’ve tried this and it works. However it’s not a workable solution for our sales team.

My first approach will be to add the number field to the line-items script, allowing me to change the order numbers in EditView of the AOS_Quotes module. This might work, don’t you think?

I know this is an old thread, but I have the same question? Is there any way of changing line items order on the front end without hacking the database? @John_EZS where you successful? Do you have the edited code you can share?