How to make the proper installation package for the module?

I have created a module to override the function of Sub panel Create Button in Accounts Detail view, Now I have to make this as an Installable package, I have used the below code to make that package and I can install and it stops on halfway an no response, But the button action is overriding and I could not uninstall the module after I install it? Please help me to create a Proper Installable Package?

  'acceptable_sugar_flavors'=> array('CE','PRO','CORP','ENT','ULT'),
    'description'=> 'Overides the quick create button with our custom requirement',
    'name'=>'Quick Create Override',
    'published_date'=>'2016-08-08 10:55:12',


$installdefs = array(




I can’t see anything majorly wrong with what you have there. If you’re not setting exact matches I wouldn’t mention it at all, not certain if that would cause issues or not. If this is a package that is just being used with Suite then the only flavour of Sugar it needs to be compatible with is CE, so for the start of my array I would have:

$manifest = array (
     'acceptable_sugar_versions' =>  array (
            'regex_matches' => array(        '6\\.5\\.\d+$' )
      'acceptable_sugar_flavors' =>

other than that I can’t see anything I would change in your file. Were all the permissions definitely set correctly for your instance? All the files should be owned by your apache user, for example in a typical Ubuntu set up this would be www-data. Also most files should have 755 permissions except the following directories files which should be 775: cache custom modules themes data upload config_override.php.

Were there any errors either in your Suite log or php error log which might give an indication to what went wrong?

No, There were no errors, Only the issue was installation pause and cannot uninstall the module, But I have doubt with the path of moving files? Is that correct path to move the files ?


It’s been a long time since I’ve tried to overwrite the sub panel create button so my memory of how to do it is pretty hazy, but I think where you are moving the file to seems sensible enough.

As in terms of the from normally I would just recreate the same directory structure within my package as I have in Suite, so I would get rid of the Files directory your from path mentions.

But the file is copying to the correct location, Is there any alternate way to create the installable package?

are there definitely no errors in your suitecrm log or php error log?

I’m fairly sure if there is an error when you install the package then it should be recorded somewhere even if it doesn’t necessarily appear on screen. What setting have you got error logging set to for Suite? Also what are your settings for PHP error reporting in your PHP ini file?

I suggest you increase these values and try installing the package again so we can get a better idea of what is going wrong.

What else to be updated in order to show the module in the installed module list? Other than moving the file to the correct location

Can Anyone please help me to sort out this?