How to make the currency data type allow decimals?

In the ‘Opportunities’ module, in the ‘Opportunity Amount’ section, I have two fields:

  • Currency (data type: currency), which displays the currency type (Peso, Dollar, Euro).
  • Opportunity Amount (data type: currency), which is for entering the amount value.

In the latter case is where I have the inconvenience. As I type a value, if I want to use a delimiter like a period (.) to mark the value level, and continue typing the rest of the value, the period (.) gets deleted. For example:

  • I want to enter ten thousand: 10,000. When I type "10. ", everything is fine until I add the next zero. Then the period (.) gets deleted, and it becomes: 100, instead of respecting the period (.), so it ends up displaying: 10000.
  • Another example is using both periods (.) and commas (,). I want to enter one thousand four hundred and fifty: 1.400,50, and as I enter each number, the delimiters get deleted, resulting in the value: 140050, which is incorrect.

Attached are images.
symbol Amount:
New Opportunities view:
Error al typing:

And if I change the data type of the ‘Opportunity Amount’ field to double, the ‘Currency’ field disappears automatically.


Now in CRM: