How to make popup bigger

Hi there!

When i click on a lead email, it appears a popoup to send him a email. I would like yo know how to make this pop up bigger.
I’m using 7.8.3 version, and i know that in las version this is solved but i would like to continue on this version.

Also i would like to say i’vv been trying to modify quickCompose (Source) and then compile all js by admin tool and i wasn’t able to do what i wanted to get.

PD: sorry for my english and thanks for your time!

With this changed version of the theme:

you won’t get a larger pop-up, but you will get a better use of vertical space so you see more of the email.

I already got this theme, and it doesn’t solve what i’m searching for.

Thanks for the help anyway.

Does some one know how can i make mail pop up bigger? (if needed all popups bigger)

If you search the forum you may find an answer because I remember trying to help (without succeding on my side) someone who had the same requirement.

I’ve searching during all day and i didn’t find anything…

I can’t check now, but I think it uses a framework called YUI (Yahoo! User Interface Library) and it’s some command about a modal window or modal dialog.

I hope this helps your searches…

I found this topic:

But i also found this code on quickCompose.js

SE.composeLayout.composeTemplate=new YAHOO.SUGAR.Template(SE.templates['compose']);var panel_modal=dce_mode?false:true,panel_width='880px',panel_constrain=dce_mode?false:true,panel_height=dce_mode?'auto':'400px',panel_shadow=dce_mode?false:true,panel_draggable=dce_mode?false:true,panel_resize=dce_mode?false:true,panel_close=dce_mode?false:true;

I’ve tried to modify and then compile it using suite and nothig…

I went into this for a while, but I wasn’t able to discover a solution.

I think you want to change the height value in this element:

<iframe id="description_ifr" allowtransparency="true" title="Rich Text Area. Press ALT-F9 for menu. Press ALT-F10 for toolbar. Press ALT-0 for help" src="javascript:&quot;&quot;" style="width: 100%; height: 133px; display: block;" frameborder="0"></iframe>

And that comes from this file:

… but I couldn’t get it to use my value when I changed it… :frowning:

Hi, did you solve this? Still no solutions at this moment! :dry:

Could anyone help?