How to make create from right same as create from left

Hello all,
as we have the functionality of add a copy in the address fields as i am doing in my custom module as

'copy' => 'billing',
this field copy from left and populate the fields in the right is there any way we can add the copy from right checkbox and its functionality to copy from the right?

You can create a custom checkbox and place it under your Left Address field that will be labelled as β€œCopy From Right”. Add your custom JS in your editviewdefs.php for this checkbox to copy right fields to their mapped left fields.

i can do that but i was thinking to use the functionality as it uses in the copy from left by just putting the copy field in array. Dont want to do the custom js to copy all the fields from right to left.

You can try by putting 'copy' => 'shipping', in the billing_address_street field in editviewdefs.php