How to make a list line edit in a subpanel?

Excuse me, how can I make some fields in the list in the sub-panel editable inline?

I found the record I mentioned before, but I didn’t see the solution, thank you.

[color=#0088ff]You can create a logic hook for process_row to rewrite the HTML when it is processing the row. Make sure you don’t abuse this feature because it will slow things down quickly.

What you would want to do is write a with a click event to change the field into an Input Box and also have an onBlur event to ajax the result back up to the server to save the change.

I don’t know if that makes sense, but basically you can manipulate the HTML with process_row logic hook and that is one place you can get custom javascript/CSS/HTML inserted into the subpanel or list view for the COMMUNITY EDITION.

Overwriting Smarty templates is another course of action.
Hope this helps you!
Tech Consultant