How to make a field read only

Hi - I am new SuiteCRM OnDemand user. I have used aPaas platforms for years and am glad to be exploring SuiteCRM.

In my previous aPaas platform, LongJump (aka AgileApps), it is possible to make a form field read only.

In SuiteCRM, I have a situation where I have a calculated field (Workflow) on the Account EditView (linked to DetailView). I would like the field in EditView to not be editable since a user may be confused that they CAN edit the calculated field text but when they save, they will find that their change was not saved.

Since I have DetailView linked to EditView, I cant simply not list the calculated field on the EditView.

What are my options?


Strangely enough, I have the need to do the exact same thing! I found this article about how to do it, but haven’t tried yet. If you get to it before me, I’d love to hear how you made out!