How to keep Invoice/Quotes same numbers and with Revision numbering

Dear Support,

Need your advice how to maintain and make same numbers series for Invoice/Quotes and as well as we need a Revision numbers for example if we have quote/invoice number 101 and after update it will be like Rev_101 is it possible.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation and support

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Same Question goes for me.
You have a Quote , and a Customer wants to change some part of the Quote.
You need to keep track on initial Quote, that was sent (via email, pdf …) , and have the Revised one too.
And there may happen to have more Revisions.
An option would be to have a Numbering for Revisions.
Lets say Quote No.2343 and After
Quote No.2343 Rev.1
Quote No.2343 Rev.2 and so on . Customer accepts last Revision, or goes back to a prior Quote , and Acceptance creates the Invoice.
I do not know if all these belongs to ERP or should be CRM functionality.

The Documents module supports several revisions, you can use that for storage.

But it is not integrated with Quotes module except in the most basic sense - you can relate Documents to invoices, but SuiteCRM will not distinguish these stored documents in terms of Quotes logic. It will handle them in the same way as if you’d merely linked in a product brochure or a letter.

You can’t do that with default functionality. I don’t think that Documents module would work for your case. To manage revisions as full-fledged Quotes, you’d need to develop a custom module.

What you could do is to employ the Opportunities module and use that to track Quotes. You could achieve revision-type functionality by duplicating the existing quote and saving the new revision as a new one. You could use a naming scheme to keep track of different revisions, but without customizing the controller all Quotes would have new numbers. That being said you could customize the controller not to give revisions new numbers, link the new Quote to the previous “version” and e.g. automate a naming scheme. This way instead of revisions for a single Quote you’d have different Quotes that you’d track from Opportunity’s details. Once the client accepts a Quote, you could quite easily then convert the chosen Quote to an Invoice with default functionality. The business logic here isn’t quite the same, but you could get similar results with fairly little work.