How to integrate yaai (vicidial) and SuiteCRM?

i want know about integrate yaai (vicidial) and SuiteCRM.
i have suitecrm and I want integrate suitecrm and vicidial based in asterisk
help me
I want solve this problem in short time

Anyone come to a solution yet?

Take a look in the store:

At a cost, it might help you to speed up your protect.


i want free
It is basic to realize the phone call between Crm and Vicidial.

you got a free CRM :slight_smile: now try to spend :heavy_dollar_sign: on a developer to do that integration for you.

Hey ive been checking out the yanii extension, however i dont see where to create a soap user…

Maybe you can help and we can figure this out together.

[crm@contact Asterisk]$ php asteriskLogger.php

******** Asterisk Logger Starting [2020-05-27 15:11:43]**************
[Config Settings]
Sugar root set to [/home/crm/public_html/custom/modules/Asterisk/…/…/…/]
PHP Warning: Declaration of SugarSoap::call($method, $params) should be compatible with nusoap_client::call($operation, $params = Array, $namespace = ‘http://tem…’, $soapAction = ‘’, $headers = false, $rpcParams = NULL, $style = ‘rpc’, $use = ‘encoded’) in /home/crm/public_html/custom/modules/Asterisk/asteriskLogger.php on line 90
PHP Notice: Undefined index: asterisk_log_file in /home/crm/public_html/custom/modules/Asterisk/asteriskLogger.php on line 130
Main Log is logging to:
PHP Notice: Undefined index: asterisk_event_log_file in /home/crm/public_html/custom/modules/Asterisk/asteriskLogger.php on line 131
Found Language file for en_us
Callout prefix is []
Callin prefix is []
Match Internal Regex = /^(sip/[1-9][0-9][0-9]?[0-9]?-|Local)/i
[Database Connection]
Selecting DB Name: crm
[SOAP Connection]
Trying SOAP login endpoint=[] user=[] password=[d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e]
FATAL: SOAP login failed, something didn’t get set by login… check your site_url, and make sure sugarcrm is running. SessionID: user= GUID=
Sleeping for 5 seconds then retrying…

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I managed to install version 3.6.10 from the github by recompiling and that solved the soap issues… I can make click2 calls however the recording and links for recording isnt working…

Anyone have a solution?

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