how to integrate svn tortoise version control with suitecrm software.


I’m new to suitecrm, I want to integrate subversion control software i.e svn tortoise with out suitecrm.

is it possible to do in suitecrm.

in the suitecrm document module revision control is there but that is not tightly controlled. if i upload same document again and again revision number is changing.

I want my documents should be under version control, So is it possible to integrate svn tortoise with suitecrm…?

please help me with this…

It is technically possible to use any version control system with SuiteCRM. However, we use git to manage the changes for SuiteCRM. You can clone our repository at . TortoiseGit is a good git client for windows, however you can use any git client you prefer.

If you choose to use subversion (or any other CVS), you will need to add all the files in your SuiteCRM instance to your repository, before you can track all of your changes to specific files.

hai, thanks for your replay…

I don’t want full suitecrm under version control.

I just want files uploaded in the document module should be under version control.

if i add new file in the document module the file version is 1. then i update the uploaded file and upload it back then the version should be V2 or V1.1. if i upload same file without updating version should not be change.

This type of working is possible…?
To do this kind of working in document module what I’ve to do…?

please tell me…

Ah, OK.

So to do this you will need to track the uploads folder with your CVS. This is where the documents are saved. You will need to install the command line version of your CVS. Then create an after save logic hook that would commit the new changes to you repository in command line. You could use the exec function do achieve this.

To revert the changes you could then use tortoise or if you could add new functionality to SuiteCRM so that it reverts a document back to a previous version.

To be honest, It seems a little over kill to use SVN. SuiteCRM keeps entire revisions in the uploads folder. So it would be far easier just to change the document_revision_id field back to an earlier version. This could be achieved using a custom controller action which could be added in a custom view via the meta data folder.

In which folder uploaded files are stored in…?
I search the all folder in suitecrm but i didn’t find my uploaded files.
please tell me in which directory uploaded files are stored…?

It is in the “upload” folder. In the root of your SuiteCRM instance.

yes… i checked there i did not find my files…

yes… i checked there i did not find my files…

I’ve attached image file that contain upload folder files.

You are looking at the files. The file name, the file attributes and the file extension are kept in the database. The files in the upload folder correspond to the ID in the documents table.

For example the file that starts with 1d8b0a78-… is the data you uploaded to SuiteCRM. The information about that data can be found in the documents table in the database.

SuiteCRM uses upload entrypoint to manage this.

okay… thanks for your replay…

In which file i’ve add “exec function” in document module…

I found the commands for add files and commit files. please tell me in which file I’ve to execute this commands…