How to integrate payment gateway in SuitCRM

I want to integrate payment gateway(stripe) in suitecrm, how can I do it without third party application?


Hi Akhilesh,

If you don’t want to use any third-party integration then you can do it via custom code and stripe API.

Which file you need to change depends on the flow of your payment system.


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Hi Prafull Satasiya

Thanks for the reply.
I am new here and I don’t know about file structure as well.
I want to get paid for my invoice and I know about how to integrate stripe in PHP e-commerce website.
It will very helpful for me and people like me if you guide me to hoe to get paid for the invoice.


How do you want to get paid?

I meant, would you share any link to your customer with invoice number or how? It would be better if you can elaborate.


Yes, I want to share a link to the customer with an invoice mail and after payment, I want to update the status from unpaid to paid.
If you have any other way to receive payment you can suggest to me I can try that also. I just want to integrate payment gateway in suitecrm without using a third-party app.

Actually it’s not a small fix that I can explain to you here.

It will take time to implement this solution.


Thanks for the quick reply but can you please explain to me an overview of this. In which file I have to edit or how to start editing in the file.

Sorry @akhileshg I don’t have a time right now.

Once I will have a time, I will write a detailed post about it.