How to install SuiteCRM on local server?

I would like to know how to install SuiteCRM on local server as i downloaded it and didn’t find any setup file, i have windows server 2003 and my sql database.
Also i have a backup file from Sugar Community Edition 6.4, would like to use it for Suite CRM, so is that possible?


You have to extract the files to the www root of your web server then go their with your browser. You run it the same way you would run any other web based php application. I would recommend you go read up on how to run php & mysql applications on a windows server. I think you have two options you can use IIS and MSSQL or you could install a wamp stack (windows apache mysql php) to run it which is what I would do.

Hello Andrew,

Thank you for your reply, and what about the Sugar backup, can i use it for SuiteCRM??


You would have to install your back up on your web server then upgrade to the latest version of sugar CE then upgrade to Suite from their.


And if i upgrade from sugar to suiteCRM without installing the AOS module on sugar, is that will make my back restore for quotes missing on suiteCRM ?


I don’t understand what you mean? If you don’t have aos in your existing sugar back up then upgrading to Suite will give you AOS and all the other additional modules.

I already have a backup exist for aos but my sugar crashed so i will upgrade to suitecrm without needing to install the aos in sugar again, right?

Yeah you should not loose any existing quote records if you follow the upgrade path correctly.

and is it ok to upgrade from Sugar community edition 6.4 to suite CRM as i read the recommendations starting from 6.5??


No as I said you need to go to 6.5 first then to Suite