How to include an existing field into the field list?

Hi to the helping community!
Question from a beginner maybe, but I haven’t found the answer in the available resources.

In the module ‘Account’, when I go into Studio>Account>Labels, I can see all the labels. Lets’ name it ‘Label List’.
When I go to Studio>Account>Fields, I see another label list. Let’s name it ‘Label Field List’.
Many labels from ‘Label List’ are not included in ‘Label Field List’. Is it normal? This is a problem when building my layout, for the label list I can play with is the ‘Label Field List’, which does not display some fields I need.
I can add new labels I create (great by the way!), but how can I transfer an existing label included in ‘Label List’ to ‘Label Field List’?

Thank you for your help.

The labels you see in those two places are the same thing, when their name matches.

I wouldn’t call the second place ‘Label Field List’, that’s misleading. It is simply ‘fields’. Each field needs a label displayed beside it, so it references one of the labels defined in ‘Labels’.

So for example if you change LBL_BILLING_ADDRESS_POSTALCODE in one list, it appears changed in the other, and vice-versa.

In the ‘Labels’ screen, you get to change a lot more labels, not just the field labels. But if you change a field label, you are changing the same thing as if you change it in the other list.

So, to make new things appear in the Field list, you need to add a new field (which actually creates a new column in the database), and then you can assign a label to it for display purposes.